Trailer Compliance AND Heavy Vehicle Registration Scheme (HVRAS)

At Andys we are experts in getting your trailer registered without the usual misinformation and unnecessary running around. Yes there are some hoops to jump through but don’t panic its all relatively easy.

If you still have questions after reading the below advice don’t hesitate to call me. We can help you register any trailer that is towed in Qld that has an Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) greater than 750kg and is less than 3.5ton that will require a safety certificate/ RWC and or HVRAS.

If the trailer, horse float or caravan is brand new or is being moved from another State then it will also require an additional 2 certificates, known as (HVRAS) the Heavy Vehicle Registration Assessment Scheme.

These are: Vehicle Details Inspection Sheet (F3529) and a Pig Trailer Inspection/ Measure up Sheet(F3123). For the most part small trailers towed behind cars and 4wds are known as pig trailers.

We also do Motorhomes and trucks that require HVRAS.

If the trailer doesn’t have registration papers from Qld or interstate and does not have and I.D Plate or VIN plate here are some things that we require:

A. TARE weight. This is the weight of the trailer unloaded. If this is not available the trailer needs to go to a weighbridge and be issued with a weighbridge certificate. Some are listed below.

Arundel , Captain Coolk Dr. 07 55816433
Nerang , Hope St. 07 55020400
Tugun Boyd St. 07 55816433
Burleigh Hutchinson St. 07 56675976

B. VIN/vehicle Identification number 17 digits or Chassis Number. These are normally on the drawbar near the coupling. If this is not found you need to get one issued at Qld transport.

C. Compliance plate/ VIN plate. This steel plate has all the identification details for the trailer. Make, Model, month and year it was made, TARE, ATM, tyre pressures and tyre sizes. Etc. Queensland Transport sell these plates for $12-20. Once you have the plate it needs to be engraved
with the above information.

D. Once you have these 3 things done all you then need is to call us for the Safety Certificate and the HVRAS. Then get your new Qld plates and move on!

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